Are hobbies really that important for kids?

Are hobbies really that important for kids?

Do your children have hobbies or interests they enjoy to pursue? Studies have shown that hobbies, if practised often and regularly can boost the overall growth and development of children. At the same time, it instils confidence in possessing a skill or art that helps them to grow and shine. Having a hobby helps kids enhance their cognitive development and can also provide them with an escape from the reality of the pressures of living in such an ‘online’ world. Through hobbies, children can exercise their brain and their bodies by immersing themselves in something they truly enjoy. Below we have listed some more benefits of having a hobby:

Nurtures Creativity

Hobbies enable children to create something of their own through the imagination. It gives them the opportunity to think creatively and discover new ideas. Whether it is all about writing stories or poems, or painting pictures, being creative is essential for your kids so they can learn to overcome problems.

Encourages Teamwork

Team activities give children an opportunity to understand the importance of working towards common goals. It helps develop communication, respect, and resilience, which are needed when things don't turn out as expected. With the right skills, children learn how to be more modest, how to consider alternative points of view and how to work well in a team.

Fosters Intelligence

Do you know there are some hobbies that are great for nurturing and sharpening a child's intellectual abilities? These include reading books or writing stories that help improve the overall vocabulary. Other hobbies that can help your child develop their intellectual abilities are puzzles or strategic thinking games such as chess.

Feeling of Accomplishment

When little ones are able to utilise their skills and imagination to achieve something, they achieve a greater sense of self-worth and confidence in themselves. Hobbies such as learning to play an instrument or gathering a stamp collection require commitment, dedication, patience and, of course, practice. Thus, hobbies teach children more about perseverance and hard work.

Building Social Skills

As children indulge in hobbies and activities of their choice, their social skills begin to develop. Many hobbies require children to work in groups or start to look for companions with similar interests. Partaking in hobbies, where there are others present, will introduce your children to people they may not have otherwise met, including those from different socio, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Time Management

Time management is developed through the uptake of hobbies. Time management is the process of planning the time to spend on specific activities. By dividing the time between academic activities, hobbies and interests, children learn to manage their time effectively. Overall, they learn to devote time judiciously to different activities without sacrificing one for the other.

Building Key Life Skills

Hobbies help children learn essential skills that are useful in the later stages of life, right from early years learning to professional life and everything in between, by dealing with everyday situations. With the right mindset, they are able to express themselves through their talent. So, if your kids show a genuine and sustained interest in a specific hobby, support them and nurture their overall passion.

If you want your kids to develop and pursue hobbies, we recommend that you must identify their overall strengths, interests and the things that bring them pure joy. If you’re not sure, start by trialing a few activities either at home, or by joining a club (most let you trial first), and you never know you may just uncover a special talent.

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