Fun ideas to encourage time in nature

Fun ideas to encourage time in nature

Do you want your children to spend more time in nature?

Getting your kids outside is a great way to learn about the environment whilst having fun. There are a variety of playful activities to choose from, including bug hunting and making rock art. Hands-on activities are an excellent way for your child to learn and be closer to nature. Your kids learn best when they have the freedom to explore, create and enjoy their time in nature. 

Below are several simple, fun ideas that require minimal prep for your kids to have a blast exploring the world around them.

Go Bug Hunting.

This outdoor activity requires a magnifying glass and some bug facts. Take some time and be with your little ones exploring the bugs in your backyard. Get up close with a magnifying glass and talk to your little ones about the colours they see, how these bugs build their home, whether they sting, what they eat etc.

Create Rock Art.

Nature art is fun indoors and outdoors; rock art is one of the easiest. You should take your little ones on a rock hunting adventure and gather rocks of different shapes, sizes, and colours. When you get home, pull out the paints and let them decorate the rocks. Encourage them to paint what they saw out in nature, or let their imagination run wild. 

Press Flowers.

Enjoy your spring and summer by picking garden wildflowers. You can keep these seasons alive all year around by pressing your favourite flowers and turning them into placemats. Your little ones will love seeing their favourite colourful blooms on the dining table all year. It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach them about nature, colours, flowers, and is a great conversation starter for all things spring. 

Plant a Tree.

Nurturing nature is a positive action you can take. Adopt or plant a tree to help mark a momentous occasion in your life. It is a lovely way to bring your little one close to nature, get their hands dirty and teach them the importance of nurturing the environment.

Go Camping in the Garden.

How about the idea of setting up a tent in the back garden and spending the night there away from all other distractions? It is a fun and exciting way to set up an adventure with your little ones at home, spending time cooking in the great outdoors and keep your little ones away from screens for a day. 

Protect the Environment.

It is important for children to learn about protecting the environment from a young age. This involves learning about preserving the space and not littering it. You can grab a bag and work with your children to clean up a local area that has been littered. This can really help your children understand the importance of the environment and keeping it clean.

Why not encourage this love of the environment through the items you purchase for your children for their everyday use. By purchasing natural, ethical and sustainable products that have been consciously created you can continue to show your love for the environment in your everyday actions. When looking for arts & crafting materials, and play activities, choose items that have been made from natural or recycled materials that are less harmful to our planet. 

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