Ideas to make your next nature walk with your kids fun filled!!

Ideas to make your next nature walk with your kids fun filled!!

"I think we need to all get outside.” How often do you use that phrase in a week? Quite often the best cure to frustrated behaviours is to get outside, go for a walk and enjoy nature. It also requires minimal planning and preparation. Here are some of the fun activities you can easily do on your next nature walk with your kids.

  • Nature treasure hunt
  • Whilst you’re out and about and spot things during your walk, as your baby, toddler or child to find one of the items you have spotted. You might even decide on a quick list of things together at the beginning of the walk or before you leave and see who can find the most items on the list. Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? And it’s even better when the items on the list are things like butterflies, ladybirds, yellow flowers, stones and sticks. 

  • Tracing textures
  • Ask your little one to carry crayons and paper along when going for a walk. You can guide them to place the sheet of paper on different surfaces like the bark of a tree, a big rock, a pine cone, or any other exciting surfaces you identify on the way. It will be fun for them as they enjoy grasping and using crayons while observing textures and patterns. 

  • Painting
  • Look around and you will notice that nature is a beautiful piece of art. So use your walk as a way to be inspired by nature and even gather your supplies. You can collect leaves, flowers, and grass and tie them together to fashion a beautiful homemade paintbrush. Dip the brushes in the paint and watch your toddler's art come alive on paper in strokes and patterns. If your little one isn't comfortable making strokes with the brush, guide them to use the different items as colour stamps.

  • Rock stacking
  • Ask your children to collect rocks of different sizes and shapes during your walk. Once you have collected them you can begin stacking, with the biggest rock at the bottom and the smallest at the top. This activity will familiarise your child with different aspects of rock in nature and combine them with the fun of segregating, sorting, and stacking.

    These are just a few fun activities you can do when you're out on your next walk without having to do any preparation. 

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