Looking for activities to do with kids during the summer holidays?

Looking for activities to do with kids during the summer holidays?

Summer holidays are approaching fast, and that means parents are busy looking for interesting and engaging activities to keep their children occupied. Parents are often still having to work during the holidays which results in bored children trying to distract you or fight for your attention. By having some activity ideas lined up, you can easily keep them engaged whilst you manage to get some important hours of work in. Below is a list of fun and engaging games for the children to enrich their skills and keep them entertained during the holidays.


Reading is one of the best summertime activities. Create a book box for your children to explore new, favourite and interesting stories and novels. Reading is an easy way to spend quiet time at home, without creating too much of a mess and it's beneficial to enhance their reading skills and gain knowledge and vocabulary. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing will also help improve their reading. 

Arts & Crafts

Engage your kids in developing their creative skills. It will help them make new things and develop creative and innovative skills. Indulging children in these activities will help them enrich their hidden and unexplored talents. Playing with playdough is a great craft for your kids to enjoy helping develop their sensory skills whilst also promoting creativity and imagination. At KIDDYKIND we sell an extensive range of natural sensory play dough which will help keep your child busy for the holidays. Shop the range here!

Pet rock

When playing outdoors, get your kids to choose a rock, not too big or small. They can wash it well and dry it. Kids can then turn it into a pet by decorating it with glitter, paint, googly eyes, or other decorations. Let their imaginations run wild. 

Watch movies

Lazy summer afternoons can be made more interesting by watching movies that your kids might have missed in the theatre. Maybe even turn your home into a home cinema using blankets, or making forts - maybe add some popcorn and lemonade or whatever your favourite snacks might be, sit back and enjoy some relaxing quiet time together.


Gardening is a great learning activity that is also extremely beneficial for children. Why? It helps children get closer to nature. You can plant different types of herbs, shrubs, or trees with them, and this can help improve their locomotive skills, as they would have to move around from one place to another and carry gardening equipment.

Teach them to cook

Learning to cook is not only a great way to keep little ones busy but it is also developing an essential skill. Listening to the instructions can help children improve their listening and memory skills. Giving them the chance to come up with experiments and cooking will help them explore their senses and stay organised. At KIDDYKIND, we have an interactive cooking activity card game that helps children to spark an interest in the kitchen. It features tasty, child-approved meals and snacks with a playful game or maze based on the recipe ingredients. The cards detail the key facts and superpowers of the nutrient-rich ingredients and activities your child can enjoy. It is ideally great for children above three years of age as they can enjoy the joy of cooking and make them learn the benefits of eating. You could also try some ‘non bake’ recipes too if you would like to give your child more independence in the kitchen. 


Kids can use the summer holidays to play with their toys that have been hidden in the deep dark depths of cupboards or right at the bottom of the toy chest. This is a great sustainable and eco-friendly way to bring ‘new’ toys into their space without actually buying anything new. Why not share toys with their neighbours or friends and enjoy new toys without getting bored. If you are looking for something new to add to the collection have a look at our amazing collection of eco-friendly, sustainable toys for indoor and outdoor play that are safe for your little ones to use.


Summer vacations are a great time for swimming. Go to a nearby swimming pool with your little one. You can also spend some time on the beach reading books or listening to music.

Summers can be a lovely time for fun and entertainment. Engage your little ones in interesting, free and easy activities to help give you some time to get done what you need. 

We hope the list of activities we shared will be of help and that you will be able to utilise some of these to give you some precious hours back.

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