Natural And organic Clothing

Natural And organic Clothing

Is it worth it?

The benefits of eating natural and organic foods are openly and often discussed in the media. However have you ever considered the benefits of choosing natural and organic clothing? Evidence shows that our skin has the ability to absorb the molecules it comes in contact with and so choosing suitable clothing for your family is also something to be considered . 

Clothing material can be produced from either natural fibres, synthetic (man-made) fibres or a blend (semi -synthetic) of fibres.

Natural fibres e.g. silk, cotton, wool, are made from animal or plant-based fibres. The plant-based and animal fibres can be cared for differently, with some producers using organic growing and rearing methods to provide organic natural fibres.

Synthetic fibres are made by using chemicals to create man-made fabrics e.g. polyester, acrylic, rayon.

Blended or semi- synthetic fibres are made from a combination of both natural and synthetic fibres of varying quantities and qualities. 

Choosing natural and organic fibres for clothing can have many benefits, some of which include:

Natural clothing can be more comfortable to wear.

Natural and organic clothing is more breathable than synthetic clothing. When we sweat the natural fibres in the clothing enable your perspiration to evaporate, unlike synthetic fibres which leaves moisture trapped encouraging an effective breeding ground for bacteria.

Kinder to your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is also our first line of defence against toxins. Most synthetic clothing is made from petroleum (through polymerisation) and contains many toxic chemicals. This can in some cases cause irritation and allergies. Natural fibres on the other hand are hypoallergenic. They are more kind and gentle to your skin and have been known to resolve skin conditions.

Kinder to the planet.

Clothing gets worn and washed often. Everytime this happens fibres are released from your clothing. If you are washing synthetic clothing, millions of plastic microfibres are released with every wash. This then flows through into our waterways. These plastic microfibres are non-biodegradable (they stay around forever!) and contribute to the plastic pollution in our seas and oceans. When washing natural fibres, they hold together much more effectively than synthetic fibres, so release less microfibres. Also the fibres they do release are  only natural, biodegradable, and so do not release plastic fibres into the environment. Due to the natural fibres holding together better, natural and organic clothing can also last longer than synthetic clothing.

Quicker to produce.

Natural fibres like cotton and linen require much less processing time to convert into the clothing fabric, unlike synthetic fibres that require lengthy processing times before creating a fabric. The less intensive, less time consuming production process of creating natural and organic clothing is far better for our planet.

Buying Natural, Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

There are so many inspiring planet-friendly brands creating natural and organic clothing alternatives for babies and children, to the widely produced synthetic clothing industry. KIDDYKIND is dedicated to bringing together all of these amazing brands in one place to make it easier for you to shop through a collection of fantastic natural and organic clothing options. 

Engage with several renowned brands on our platform that care about you and the environment equally. We have vetted all the brands, so you can be sure that all clothing available on KIDDYKIND is sustainable and made from premium quality fabrics that are better for you and the environment.

Shop our sustainable kids clothing and products on KIDDYKIND.

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