Tips on choosing Eco-friendly items for your little ones!

Tips on choosing Eco-friendly items for your little ones!

We are sure you have often heard the news of children getting affected due to toys while playing. Often these troubling reports are received after the holiday seasons, and they are a matter of big concern for the parents. This is because certain toys contain hazardous synthetic materials that can negatively impact a child’s health. For example, plastic toys can contain chemical softeners that can result in hormonal problems. Likewise, teddy bears can contain flame retardants that can pose a huge problem in the child’s natural development. Children are most affected by such toys because their bodies are small, fragile and have not yet fully developed. They are not resistant to harmful substances and therefore are affected badly. This is why we always recommend choosing only eco-friendly toys, sustainable kids and baby clothing, and ethical essentials for kids.

Here are the tips for choosing sustainable items for your little ones.

Research properly

As we are busy with our professional and personal lives, we always feel rushed into making quick trips to the toy store. Before you go, take out some time to research. Go online and check out the toys, how they are manufactured or the materials they are composed of. Print out the list of items you need to avoid when going to the store. This way, you are more likely to buy only those products that are 100% safe for their kids.

Read labels carefully

You must have noticed labels on the toys. Many of these often contain international symbols for toys that communicate meaningful information to people across countries. Spend some time familiarising yourself with the meaning of the symbols on the products. Make sure to avoid products that contain phthalates, lead and bisphenol A (BPA). It is one of the toxic pollutants found in toys, along with chromium, cadmium and arsenic. If there are products that do not contain any label, you should search online by description.

Choose natural materials

Avoid plastic toys whenever possible because they contain harmful toxins for your kids and the environment. At the very least, you can choose toys made from safer plastics that have labels 1,2,4 or 5 labels. If possible, choose toys made from natural materials such as unpainted wood and organic textile such as bamboo fibres. These rarely contain harmful pesticides and are safe for children.

Play safely

Encourage your kids to have fun in an eco-friendly way. If you are playing dress up, instead of face paint, you can use safe corn starch-based products. You should avoid cheap jewellery accessories for your little ones as they can be harmful. Likewise, while doing crafts, be mindful of the plastic fuse beads and don’t ever heat the sculpting clay as the polymers can release noxious fumes.

Shop only quality products

With challenging economic times, parents may often feel pressured to take shortcuts. So, beware of the low-priced toys. Manufacturers cut corners and adopt several ways to reduce production costs. And in this process, they deliver dangerous products to the children. The extra money required to purchase high-quality toys is always a wise investment. Reputable brands need to have more transparency concerning their policies and manufacturing practices. Therefore, they are more likely to produce eco-friendly and safe products.

Looking for eco-friendly toys?

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