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What does sustainable fashion mean & how to Support it?

Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, and used in environmentally friendly ways. The word sustainable in itself is defined as capable of being sustained. Therefore, a sustainable fashion industry operates in ways that continue working for years and decades. Fashion can be made more sustainable in several ways- from organic materials to biodegradable dyes that create zero waste. 

In light of this, below are a few simple things you can look for to slowly green your wardrobe collection.

Low-impact organic materials

Natural materials such as lines, cotton, wool, and leather are preferable over virgin, petroleum-derived synthetics such as acrylic and nylon. The reason is that natural fibres are biodegradable and can be composted cleanly back into the soil, unlike non-biodegradable synthetic fibres. Some wool and plant fibres can even be grown in ways that are regenerative, meaning being able to regenerate healthy soils.

Recycled materials

When you use pre-existing materials to create new clothing, it is always a great idea because it does not require the extraction of new resources but makes the most use of materials that can otherwise go to waste. Therefore, look for fabrics made of only recycled fibres.

Zero or low-waste design

Look for the brands that ensure minimised byproduct waste in their manufacturing processes or during transport. Usually, a lot of waste in the industry comes from cutting out patterns, so sustainable fashion brands are ensuring to design patterns that result in zero waste material.

Shop from brands that manufacture ethically

With all the dying, sewing, and shipping involved, the fashion industry results in a high carbon footprint. Therefore, conscious brands are tackling this problem by making clothes closer to where they will ultimately be sold rather than having to ship overseas. Others are reducing their carbon footprint by installing solar panels and wind turbines to provide renewable power to their factories.

Shop for durable or long-lasting clothing

Instead of cheap fast fashion that can be thrown away quickly, you should opt for more sustainable fashion. Buying higher quality, durable clothes that you can envision yourself wearing repeatedly helps you and the environment a lot.

Finally, taking good care of your clothes can also make a big and positive difference. Prioritise buying only high-quality, sustainable and durable clothes that you know you will wear throughout the years.

The world is slowly becoming more eco-conscious, especially with apparel. The thousands of harmful chemicals used in textile mills worldwide are dangerous to both the environment and the people working with them. Therefore the fashion industry has been slowly building over the past decade by bringing in many changes in the industry from manufacturing to packaging and consumer spending.

How can you support sustainable fashion?

If you strongly believe in a cleaner and greener environment, buy organic cotton kid’s clothes  from sustainable brands. Visit our website and choose to shop from one of the best brands in the UK selling natural and organic products that are chemical-free. Give your children the comfort and quality they deserve.

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