What is conscious shopping?

What is conscious shopping?

Have you heard the term conscious shopping? Still not quite sure what it is all about?

Let’s start with its purpose.

Conscious shopping is a way to reduce the effects of fast, evolving fashion. As a conscious buyer, rather than buying any product on impulse, you take your time to assess, analyse and understand the value of the product, how much you really need it and its impact on the planet.

The fashion industry is a trillion-dollar industry. It is one of the biggest waste producers in the world. Many people buy multiple fashion items per season to keep up with trends. Due to the amount of clothing people are buying, they will usually go for cheaper options. These are usually made with cheaper fabrics and therefore more likely to tear or rip after a few wears and washes. These items are not sustainable, as they need to be replaced often and go out of fashion quickly too. 

How can you become a more conscious shopper?

Buy less, and buy better quality items to support a sustainable future.

Conscious shopping aims to reduce the effects of fast-evolving fashion. Rather than buying any product off impulse, take your time to evaluate the quality. Don’t fall for the products that come at lower prices and cheaper quality. Purchasing products of higher quality will allow you to save money in the long term and reduce waste. Sustainable brands focus on delivering high-quality products to end consumers. They are made to be kind to the environment and last longer.

Better for the planet.

From power and water consumption to pesticide usage, we often leave a huge environmental impact that is harmful to everyone. The constant use of chemicals is slowly making its way into the water supply. This affects the health and wellbeing of everyone not only involved in the supply chain but the world over. Choosing sustainability helps you conserve nature, resources and reduce negative impacts on the environment. By selecting brands that think consciously and act differently you can make all the difference. For example, the Big Bean Bag company not only uses a compostable planet-friendly filling in their products, but they also use thread that is made from plastic reclaimed from our polluted rivers, seas and oceans. This is a great example of a sustainable brand that is consciously looking at reducing their carbon footprint and helping to create a more sustainable and better planet.

Better for workers.

By switching to products from an ethical brand, you are ensuring that the clothing you choose has been produced and manufactured with more consideration. Ethical brands work with manufactures who treat and pay their workers fairly. They also consciously ensure that child labour is not used and abused. You can have an impact on how brands produce clothes by using your resources to choose ethically made clothes over fast fashion.  

To get started you don’t have to change your whole wardrobe. Our recommendation is to firstly look after and re-wear the items you already own. If you do want to get rid of any items, think about how these could be reused instead of thrown away. Maybe you could pass them onto your friends, or sell them on a marketplace? If you are looking at buying something new, start looking at the brands ethos, how the clothes are made and what they are made from. 

Buy ethical children clothing.

More consumers are becoming emotionally engaged and looking to support brands with core values that support ethical practices. Therefore now is the perfect time to start consciously shopping. Engage with brands that care about the environment and you, rather than brands that only care about their sales figures and profits. KIDDYKIND is dedicated to making conscious shopping for kids more convenient. Our aim is to create a positive change in shopping habits by supporting brands (no matter their size) that sell ethical, natural or consciously created products. These brands create products such as organic kids clothes and sustainable baby essentials. The brands we work with have carefully crafted collections for babies that are free from any toxic chemicals or anything that can be harmful to your child and environment.

In order to make changes to your everyday living and contribute to the environment, it’s up to you to make a conscious effort. Being 100% ethical and sustainable may not always be possible. However, by making small changes for example buying organic cotton kids clothes online, you can make a huge difference.

Start shopping our conscious kids collection today.

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