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Why Choose Sustainable toys over Plastic Toys?

As parents, have you wondered if there is any real importance in buying sustainable toys over plastic toys ?

Every parent aims to provide the best for their children. They want to make sure their children have safe, clean and BPA-free products. However, surprisingly, many of the toy collections available in the market are made of plastic and are loaded with chemicals. These toys not just contribute to the already growing e-waste problem but can also be extremely unsafe for your little ones.

Therefore, parents should take care when choosing products for their kids and read the manufacturing and finishing details. Today, in our blog, we will share some of the disadvantages of purchasing plastic toys, and reasons why sustainable toys are beneficial. 

  • Loaded with Chemicals

Toxic chemicals found in plastic toys include Biphenyl A and phthalates. These are endocrine disruptors linked to autoimmune diseases, birth defects and neurological problems. Sustainable products are risk-free and safe for use by children.

  • Contribute to Plastic Pollution

Toys are difficult to recycle, which means they will end up in landfill and oceans contributing to plastic pollution. We must become mindful of our choices and raise awareness about mother earth amongst our children for a cleaner and greener planet.

  • Fosters Creativity in Children

When we provide our children with toys made of natural elements, it generates curiosity among them. Children connect faster to the environment and surroundings with such materials. It ultimately pushes their imagination and creativity in a better way.

  • Economical and Help Save Money

Do you know plastic toys do not last long because they are made of low-cost materials? This is why parents unconsciously buy more products resulting in higher spending. On the other hand, organic toys are more durable, and you will need fewer toys in the long run. 

Recognising a sustainable toy from all available options can be confusing and tedious. Just remember to look for eco-friendly brands, sustainable materials and local products. 

When looking for eco-friendly products, you should check the following credibility of the brand, eco-friendly manufacturing practices. They are also vocal about their manufacturing practices and love discussing sustainability on their blogs and websites. A quick scroll through the brand’s values helps establish the brand’s ethos. So it is a good idea to quickly research and look at what the brand loves to talk about.

If you want to buy ethical kid’s clothes and toys visit our store and shop from an exclusive range of products designed by some of the finest brands in the UK. All products listed on KIDDYKIND have already been vetted and so you can be sure that they are made from high-quality material and are designed keeping in mind the requirements and safety aspects of the little ones. As a result, our products are safe for your baby and the environment. Our products are risk-free, long lasting and will spark your little one’s interest and curiosity.

Become a more conscious shopper and give your child the best they deserve with products, clothing, and accessories that are completely safe for them.

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