Nappy Shak Cloth Nappies

Nappy Shak Cloth Nappies

Brand: Nappy Shak
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Our One Size Reusable Cloth Nappies have been designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

  • One size fits ‘most’ from birth (around 8 lbs) to potty training, so the nappy can be adjusted to fit your growing baby
  • Waist, thigh and rise poppers to adjust the size of the nappy
  • Stretchy side tabs and elasticated back panel for extra comfort and a snug fit
  • Large front and back pocket opening for easy stuffing and removal of inserts
  • Moisture-wicking micro-fleece nappy lining that is also soft against skin, keeping your baby dry and comfortable
  • Wide internal double gusset for containment of contents
  • Each reusable cloth nappy comes with a large folding snake insert, made from 8 layers of highly absorbent and soft bamboo terry velour (85% bamboo / 15% microfibre)
  • The slimline folding snake insert is absorbent and quick drying, with a popper to secure to the nappy shell (to create an All in Two style nappy)
  • Soft waterproof and durable PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) outer shell, with exclusive artist drawn watercolour design
  • PUL tummy band to prevent leaks onto clothing
  • OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics.

Wash at 40 degrees for wet and up to 60 degrees for soiled nappies with regular laundry detergent. See Washing Instructions for more details.

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Product Description

Washing guidance


Drop the poo in the loo! If you are using a disposable liner, then this can be removed and thrown away. Alternatively you can use some toilet roll to remove the majority of the mess.

Separate the nappy and liner. Store dirty nappies in a dry bucket or one of our wet bags ready for wash day.


Place the nappies (and bag if using) in the washing machine. We recommend pre washing heavily soiled nappies on a short cold rinse cycle. 

No detergent is required at this stage.


Add regular washing detergent. We recommend a non bio detergent. Run a standard wash cycle at 40°C for wet – up to 60°C for soiled.


Hang to air dry – outside if possible (weather permitting)! Or on clothes airer.

If you happen to have a dehumidifier, these are great for drying nappies particularly in the winter months when drying outside isn’t an option!


Why? The bleaching agents can damage the fabric of the nappy. Whilst fabric conditioner can actually reduce absorbency of the nappy.

The cool pre wash should prevent staining. However if there are any stubborn stains that haven’t shifted in the normal wash, you could try scrubbing the nappy with some washing powder (or specialist detergent such as Napisan) and rewashing. 

Alternatively if the sun is shining, hang your nappies outside. The sun is a powerful natural stain remover!

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