Reusable Bamboo Wipes – 5 x Wipes & Wash Bag

Reusable Bamboo Wipes – 5 x Wipes & Wash Bag

Brand: Nappy Shak
Seller: Nappy Shak


Netted cotton wash bag with 5 x reusable bamboo wipes. Suitable for messy faces, hands and bottoms! Available with Blue or Green trim.

Our reusable wipes are made from silky bamboo velour, which is as soft as cotton wool on your baby’s skin.

Did you know that we use an astonishing 11 billion wipes in the UK alone every year! They are reportedly behind 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are even changing the landscape of our rivers, as they pile up on banks and beds. What’s more, they often contain plastic so will take hundreds of years to degrade polluting our water systems as they go!

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm

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