Natural Sensory Dough (Playdough) - Available in multiple colours

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Natural Sensory Dough (Playdough) - Available in multiple colours

Natural Sensory Dough (Playdough) - Available in multiple colours

Brand: kiddykind | Vendor : kiddykind

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Perfectly made by plants- Playberry Sensory Dough is a range of ECO-FRIENDLY Plant-Made Dough that has been lovingly handcrafted to offer open-ended invitations to play for the little people in your life (and their grown ups too)!

Playberry believes in an earth-friendly approach so we only use natural ingredients. Dyes from vegetables, spices or flowers combined with natural flavourings and pure essential oils from plants.

This play dough is available in the following colours and scent combinations: 

White - Make a splash into the cooling aroma of lavender and mandarin in Playberry’s ARCTIC DIP to help calm the senses and wipe the slate clean.

Light Pink - Bloom and glow with Playberry’s BLOSSOM PINK Natural Sensory Dough. A subtle hint of pastel pink colour combined with a floral rose scent will relax and remind you of sunny days ahead.

Pink - A soft pink blush to accompany sunnier days, Playberry’s SUMMER PINK Natural Sensory Dough is rose scented smelling beautifully of an English Garden in hazy sunshine.

Orange - Feel the warmth and love of Playberry’s SUNSET GLOW Natural Sensory Dough with Ylang Ylang’s unique uplifting scent to leave you dreaming of tropical holidays.

Mint Green - Be leafy calm with Playberry’s MELLOW MINT Natural Sensory Dough. A soft tea green with a mild minty citrus aroma to help soothe any worries away.

Light Green - Add a zesty zing to your day! Playberry’s CITRUS MOSS Natural Sensory Dough is an eye-catching bright green with a zesty lime aroma to boost your creative side.

Bright Green - Hear the call of the rainforest with Playberry’s JUNGLE GREEN Natural Sensory Dough! A deep playful green tone with the scent of Eucalyptus to offer a  refreshing dip into sensory play.

Green - A tangy green with a grapefruit and minty fresh scent accompanies Playberry’s FRESH MEADOW Natural Sensory Dough to help revive the senses.

Khaki - The fragrant dark green space of Playberry’s EVERGREEN FOREST has an uplifting and balancing aroma with a blend of orange and geranium to venture into the wilderness.

Light Blue - A soft and subtle blue shade to compliment Nature’s skies, Playberry’s WINTER SKY Natural Sensory Dough is scented with lemon to blow away the cobwebs on a dull day.

Bright Blue - Think of Caribbean seas and an endless summer-Playberry’s SEA BREEZE Natural Sensory Dough blends bright azure blue with peppermint essential oil to bring a minty boost to your day.

Deep Blue - Reach for the stars with Playberry’s MIDNIGHT BLUE Natural Sensory Dough. With a deep blue tone and refreshing mellow scent- it will help little stargazers settle in for the night!

Lilac - Magic awaits the senses with this combination of soft lilac colour and lavendar aroma in Playberry’s WILD HEATHER Natural Sensory Dough. Perfect for winding down from a busy day of play.

Purple  - Playberry’s PLUM THISTLE is a brilliant dark purple tone with a zesty tang of lemon and exotic floral scent to brighten your mood.

Light Brown - Earthy soft and oh so chocolaty-Playberry’s AUTUMN LEAF Natural Sensory Dough is the perfect shade of brown for all your woodland wonders.

Dark Brown - A pop of earthy zestness with a unique spicy mint scent in Playberry’s JURASSIC BARK Natural Sensory Dough to help boost you for your next playtime adventure.

Grey  - Add a little Hygge to your play with the Scandi grey tone of Playberry’s MOUNTAIN MIST Natural Sensory Dough. Subtly scented with vetiver- it has a most distinctive earthy scent to calm the senses.


Playberry’s Natural Sensory Dough is made with flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, water, natural plant based dyes, natural flavourings and essential oils.

We cannot guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts, or other allergens in our products.

Playberry uses plants as natural dyes so there may be slight colour variation between batches and colours may vary slightly from the images.

Good to Know

Playberry is 100% Natural Handmade Product so it does need a little looking after to prolong its shelf life. Best stored in the airtight tin provided and kept in a cool place between use.

If kept in the fridge in between use then it can last up to 6 months. Outside the fridge (depending on how hot it is) 1-3 months.

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