Why choose natural and organic clothing materials?

As children and adults, we are always encouraged to eat natural food because it is great for our health and overall well-being. But have you ever thought that natural and organic clothing exists too? 

Do you know there is potential for molecules to be absorbed into our bloodstream through our skin.  Whatever we wear or come in contact with our skin has chances to be absorbed into the body directly. Therefore, choosing products with natural fibres such as bean bags, bedding, travel beds, comforters, muslins and clothing should be carefully done. Choosing products that we use in our day-to-day life is equally important as eating right. In addition, we should even focus on choosing products other than clothing that are made from natural materials. These can be anything that children are generally exposed to such as the art and crafts, activity cards and toys. 


Clothing materials are available in varied quality, some of which can even lead to health issues and allergies. Therefore, natural and organic fabrics are a better investment as they are sustainable and made from chemical-free toxins. Some of the essential reasons why we believe that you should choose natural clothing over others are-


Natural clothing feels good.

The vast majority of modern clothes are made from synthetics like polyester. These are not the best option when the temperature rises as they tend to trap moisture and do not absorb sweat well. Such kinds of fabric become the breeding grounds for bacteria. On the other hand, the natural fabrics allow perspiration to evaporate while helping you stay cool and comfortable.

Hold up effectively over time.

A single wash can damage the cheaper quality clothes. Some of them may even lose their shape and colour. Moreover, every time you wash them, it releases millions of plastic microfibers. These non-biodegradable strands can choke the water bodies. They are the main culprit behind the plastic pollution in the oceans. Natural fibres hold much more effectively than synthetic fibres release minimal microfibers into the environment.


Treats your body right

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is also our first line of defence against toxins. Most synthetics are made from petroleum through polymerization and utilise toxic chemicals. Natural fibres like cotton and linen need much processing time to convert into the fabric. They are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for kids and the elderly.



Natural fibres are more sustainable as compared to other fabrics. Using high-quality items made from natural materials will last for many more years to come. It is a much more sustainable approach and does not pollute the environment like synthetic does.


Helps save money in the longer run

Unlike the synthetic fibres that come for sale, choose the products made from natural fibres that can hold up over many washes and regular wear. The natural fabrics are designed in classic shapes that continue season after season. They last for years and even decades. Investing in such fabrics can help you save money in the longer run. Owing dozens of clothes isn’t necessary. What’s more important is you buy less, but of the highest quality. 


Great for your peace of mind

Natural fabrics feel better than synthetic because they breathe easier and better. You will feel better about yourself knowing that you have done your part in contributing to the environment and making this world a cleaner and healthier place.


Buy Sustainable Clothing Online

It’s time to support sustainable parenting and become a conscious shopper. If you are looking for high-quality products and baby essentials for your little ones, get in touch with us today. 


Engage with several renowned brands on our platform that care about you and the environment equally. Our carefully crafted collection is of premium quality and free from toxins or chemicals of any kind. 


Treat yourself and the planet right the next time you shop.

Always choose clothes and products that are sustainable, organic, natural, and great for your child’s well-being. This is the most important step towards a brighter future for mother earth.

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