Be summer-ready with your little one!

Be summer-ready with your little one!

Summer is just around the corner; therefore, choosing a suitable fabric for your little ones during this time is essential to ensure their comfort and protection from the sun’s strong rays. Today, in our blog, we are going to share some of the best summer friendly fabrics that are great for your little ones:


It is a classic summer garment due to its abundance of breathability, softness, and amazing moisture-wicking properties. The fabric allows air circulation throughout the body, keeping your child cool and comfortable during scorching hot weather. You should, therefore, look for brands offering organic cotton fabrics to minimise your child's skin irritation and maximise their comfort.


The natural fibre is perfect for summer wear. It has excellent breathability and moisture absorption capability, making it truly ideal for keeping your child cool and dry on hot days. It also has a relaxed, casual look that is great for summer outfits.


Bamboo is increasingly popular for children's clothing owing to its softness, sustainability, and durability. This fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for hot weather and sensitive skin. Plus, it also offers excellent UV protection, making it great for outdoor activities.

Organic cotton jersey

The organic cotton jersey is a stretchable, comfortable fabric for summer playtime. It has all the benefits of organic cotton, including breathability and softness, with the added bonus of stretch for easy movements. The fabric is ideal for making comfortable, casual outfits for active little ones.

UV protective fabrics

Consider clothing made from UV-protective fabrics for added protection from harmful sun rays. They are specially designed to block the harsh UV rays and protect your child's delicate skin from sunburn. Therefore, you may look for clothing labelled with UPF ratings for maximum sun protection.

When shopping for summer essentials for your little ones, prioritise fabrics that are breathable, gentle on your child's skin, and light in weight. Choose natural fibres such as cotton, linen, and bamboo for optimal comfort and sustainability. By selecting the right fabrics, you can ensure your child stays comfortable, cool, and protected.

Additional Tips for Choosing Summer-Ready Fabrics

  • Opt for fabrics that allow air circulation freely, keeping your child cool and comfortable in hot weather.
  • Look for lightweight fabrics that are easy and comfortable to wear. Avoid thick fabrics that can trap heat and cause discomfort.
  • Choose fabrics with moisture-wicking properties to keep children dry and sweat-free during outdoor activities. Bamboo is an excellent choice, as it can absorb moisture quickly.
  • Look for soft, gentle fabrics that are comfortable on your child's delicate skin. 
  • Select durable fabrics that can withstand frequent washing and wear. Look for quality fabrics that can easily maintain their shape and colour even with multiple washes.
  • Choose easy-care fabrics. Look for machine-washable fabrics that require minimal ironing and drying, making them ideal for busy parents.
  • If your little one has sensitive skin, opt for hypoallergenic fabrics that are less likely to irritate. Organic cotton and bamboo are one of the excellent choices for children with sensitive skin as they are gentle.

Lastly, consider the environmental impact on the fabrics you choose. Therefore, opt for sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics that are carefully produced using environmentally friendly practices and materials.

Follow these tips, to select great summer pieces that will keep your child comfortable during hot summers.

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