Kids Travel Bed

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Kids Travel Bed

Kids Travel Bed

Brand: Pure Earth Collection | Seller : Pure Earth Collection

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MAIN STOCK SOLD OUT. These are now sample stock at 35% off. Same great functionality but the top covers are slightly tighter and therefore selling at a discount. These Kids Travel Beds convert from a reading chair to camp bed in less than 20 seconds. Plastic-free, 100% natural materials

  • Super useful travel beds which can be used as a chair in bedrooms or play spaces
  • The spongy 100% natural foam mattress provides the perfect cushioning
  • No need for bulky storage when bed is not in use
  • 100% natural latex foam inside, no nasty plastics
  • 100% organic cotton covers with safe, non-toxic dyes
  • Free from chemical fire retardants
  • Removable, machine washable covers
  • Handy travel bag with pouch for blanket
  • Bed dimensions:
    3x60x180cm (thickness, width and length)
    Chair dimensions:
    Packaged up travel bag dimensions:
  • These Kids Travel Beds are SAMPLE STOCK. They are identical to the usual stock apart from the top covers are slightly smaller, so they fit quite tightly on the mattress. They are still totally functional and usable, but not quite the top quality we expect from our products, and we are therefore selling these at a discount.
  • Top cover can be removed and washed when needed. We recommend washing at 30 and line drying, or tumble dry on a low heat. Covers may seem smaller after washing but please note that this fabric does not shrink permanently, it just tightens temporarily in the wash. After a stretch / shake / a bit of use they’ll be back to normal.
  • Wash bottom covers only when necessary to avoid disturbing the foam inserts.
  • Please use a mattress protector for any kids who may have accidents to avoid foam inserts from getting wet.
  • Use travel bag when on the move to protect the product from excess wear and tear.

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