Baby Bamboo Hairbrush

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Baby Bamboo Hairbrush

Baby Bamboo Hairbrush

Brand: Mama Bamboo | Vendor : Mama Bamboo

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Our Bamboo Baby Hairbrush is thoughtfully crafted with comfort and safety in mind.

  • Smooth, ergonomically designed handle is easy to grip
  • Ultra-soft easi-flex bristles gently massage baby's scalp
  • All natural soft goat hair bristles detangle without pulling or snagging
  • Natural anti-static properties leaves delicate hair silky soft and smooth
  • Helps reduce cradle cap for newborns and toddlers, while also protecting their soft spot.

Each box contains 1 hairbrush made with sustainably certified Moso Bamboo and all natural soft goat hair easi-flex bristles. Each brush is packaged in recyclable cardboard.

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