Comforter Security Blanket - Kasper

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Comforter Security Blanket - Kasper

Comforter Security Blanket - Kasper

Brand: Little Scandi Baby | Seller : Little Scandi Baby

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Introducing Kasper the Bunny Comforter – featuring an embroidered nose and long ears

The undeniable cuteness of these comforter blanket is what every child would love to cuddle with in bed. These Comforter Blankets gives a sense of security

Crafted from organic muslin, they boast a remarkably soft and smooth texture. Our Bunny Comforter Cuddle Blanket Kasper is made from Organic Fabrics, ensuring not only adorable companionship but also safety for your little one to use

Rest assured, all our baby comforters, made from soft muslin fabric, prioritize both comfort and safety in every embrace. Our comforters are designed to offer comfort anywhere and everywhere. They provide a profound sense of calmness and security, making them the perfect companions for soothing moments

You may ask ' Do our babies, toddlers need them'? Or Can babies or children suffocate from using them? We recommend that you wait till the baby is at least 10-12m before you introduce a security blanket simply because they know a lot more when they are 1 year old.

A baby starts to first develop and experience separation anxiety between the ages of 8-10months. We therefore do not recommend that babies uses security blankets until they are a bit older. Do not leave security blanket unattended below the age of 8m old.  


The Benefits of the Bunny Comforter Security Blankets

  • Brings a sense of belonging 
  • Great for a newborn baby
  • Helps with soothing and comforting
  • Great companion when going to sleep
  • Variety of colours to choose from
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