Giggle Guardians - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

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Giggle Guardians - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Giggle Guardians - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Brand: Kutti Lulu | Seller : Kutti Lulu

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Within a lively flock of birds, a few stood out with whimsically distinctive feathers. Known as the Giggle Makers, each beat of their wings spread waves of melodious laughter through the universe. The rest of the flock had a clear mission - protect these precious Giggle Makers from grumpy clouds that sought to silence them. The operation was a tactical dance of dodges, dives, and steadfast teamwork to shield the Giggle Makers. The universe sky echoed with endless merriment, thanks to the tireless watch of the Giggle Guardians.

Gear up in these PJs and join the ranks of the operation, enjoy the blissful giggles that come from protecting the source of all laughter.

Product Composition: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

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