Interstellar Hide-and-Seek - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

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Interstellar Hide-and-Seek - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Interstellar Hide-and-Seek - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Brand: Kutti Lulu | Seller : Kutti Lulu

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In a distant galaxy brimming with lively antics, the planetary pals were on the brink of their annual showdown - the Cosmic Hide and Seek championship. This was no everyday game, for it involved crafty planning and elaborate hideouts nestled behind asteroids, underneath shimmering rainbows, or tucked within the rumbling thunderclouds. The first thunderous rumble echoed across the galaxy, marking the thrilling beginning. The planets scattered in a flurry, every planet scheming to outwit the others with their chosen hideout.

In these PJs, you're drawn into this cosmic game, feeling the thrill of the secretive plotting, the heart-pounding suspense and the cheeky delight of outsmarting your pals.

Product Composition: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

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