Luna The Unspotted - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

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Luna The Unspotted - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Luna The Unspotted - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Brand: Kutti Lulu | Seller : Kutti Lulu

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on a mysterious halloween night, clear and bright,
our daring luna leopard felt pure delight.
amidst pumpkins glowing, she began to play,
twirling, swirling, in her own unique way.
but as the eerie chimes rang from afar,
a spell was cast, under the shining star.
feeling the magic, luna's spots thought to roam,
and one by one, they set off alone.
they danced and pranced, seeking their own spotlight,
leaving Luna spotless, in the moon's gentle light.

Slip into these pyjamas and be a part of Luna's enchanted tale. Envision the giggles echoing and tales spinning as Luna, now unspotted, recounts her magical night. With every wear, weave your own stories of midnight adventures and moonlit dances.

Product Composition: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

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