Tag-a-saurus Tales - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

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Tag-a-saurus Tales - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Tag-a-saurus Tales - Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Brand: Kutti Lulu | Seller : Kutti Lulu

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In a world teeming with dinosaurs, a playful roar set the day's rhythm. It was time for their favourite pastime - Tag! Dinosaurs big and small, swift and slow, all darted about, embracing the thrilling chase. There were unexpected dodges, cheeky manoeuvres, and a delightful uproar each time someone was tagged. 

Feel the dinosaurs' spirit of play, the thrill of the chase, and the joy of the game, as you're swept up in the infectious fun when you wear these PJs. They're not just pyjamas, they're your ticket to a rollicking prehistoric playground!

Product Composition: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

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